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Speaking Russian - problems

Sometimes I repeat the Russian phrase and it is marked correct. Other times despite repeating phrase twice I am moved onto the next question. I can't believe my accent is so bad if I frequently obtain correct for speaking a phrase and other times despite listening carefully several times and saying the phrase twice it is incorrect.

December 4, 2015



Worked for me. :) Do not feel bad. Just consider it an opportunity to practice speaking. Come to think of it, when I use Duolingo and no one is around, I usually say aloud every sentence in every exercise. Still, an audio exercise is a good reminder to practice your reading and pronunciation.


Thanks for your advice, appreciated.


I personally think you should just turn off the microphone questions and try to read the questions out loud. Voice recognition is far from perfect and the best way to know if you're pronouncing things correctly is by conversing preferably with natives or at least someone whose studied Russian. I can tell you from experience practicing words on my own many times, thinking I'm pronouncing it correctly, only to find out from a native that I'm saying it wrong


Good advice Aaron, Maybe I've been getting hung up on sometimes not being understood via the microphone. There are quite a few Russian speakers in my town so I'll maybe find someone willing to help me.


I'm Russian and have experienced same problems, so it's not just the accent))) We'll have to wait a couple more years for the technology to catch up)


Russian has microphone questions now? Is that an a/b test?


It would be very helpful if the people in charge of this course could explain clearly which browsers to use for getting microphone questions. I've never seen them.


I get them, I use chrome

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