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  5. "Да, у собаки есть рис."

"Да, у собаки есть рис."

Translation:Yes, the dog has rice.

December 4, 2015



Russians feed their dogs rice? Ive never herd of that before...


That's when they drink too much vodka. ;)


Isnt it common? My grandma had a dog that lived on rice for 14 years.


Hehe my dog loved rice till his death too, but we had to mixe it up with other things for him don't get weak.


I fed my neighbors dog rice when she was sick. The dog absolutly loved it. I almost blew up the house too cause i didnt know how to work a gas stove


I wanted to ask, Почему?


I agree that it is generally frowned upon in the U.S., and even more recently with all the grain-free dog foods hitting the market. It does make sense given that dogs/wolves are not generally adapted to digest grains, and a lot of the skin/health issues we see in dogs are often due to poor diet. Rice may not be as devastating to dogs as cats (which can go blind if they don't get enough protein), but they're still not herbivores.


There is definitely an opposite side to the protein-coin. One of the biggest issues (problems?) I find with many of the "lots of meat" ads for dog-food is that too much protein is bad for domestic dogs. They aren't wolves living in the wild. Too much protein is hard on their kidneys and can damage their health.

I fed my dogs for years on Science Diet, then switched to Royal Cannin when I had to put my elderly dogs on a special diet. The protein levels were fairly low, no more than 15%, which helped prolong their lives. All of my dogs have live to at least 16 years, two to 17, one almost 18. They were in excellent health and condition until they got really old, when not much can be done for them.

Also, it's just as important for dogs to have adequate bulk in their diets so that their GI tracts function properly. It may not be that they get that much nutrition out of a lot of what is in premium dog food designed Vets, but the stuff that's there is important for them.

Protein can appear in many guises: Raw-hide chews, Greenies (anything containing gelatin is really high in protein). Once a dog gets into middle-age (about 7 years), it's a disservice to them not to monitor their protein intake very carefully.

BTW - I really like Greenies for my dogs, because they do such a good job cleaning teeth. Unfortunately, their protein content is so high, I stop feeding them to my dogs early on.


Wow. I had no idea. Thank you. You may just have helped the best thing in my life.


I feed my dog rice, its an ingredient in a lot of dog foods. Americans feed their dogs corn based dog food, a dog eating corn is far worse.


Many dog food brands are made with rice. Lol


In my country we feed them rice to, usually with beef


Rice is good for dog's. Especially if they have diarrhea


Well, I feed my dog rice mixtured some cutten pieces of pig lungs in China. HaveTosay, my dog loves it.


The hint given when tapping собаки is for the plural.


This has been screwing me up too. Because it's possessive, the word is in the genitive form, meaning that you add an и. It just so happens that a lot of words in genitive form are the same as their plural nominative form. Cyril was a prick.


Yeah, but I'm pretty certain it's still better than English often using -s for both plurals and possessives, with intricate rules involving a bit of punctuation (apostrophe) which doesn't affect pronunciation at all.

I say "pretty certain" because I'm a native speaker and I never struggled with it, but thinking how much more clear English could be, it seems like a total nightmare. :D


With few exceptions (which there always are with English), the apostrophe (before the "s") is an indicator of possession. What makes it confusing is that people use the apostrophe inappropriately, e.g., "it's" (=it is) instead of "its" (this is one of those exceptions), or they add it to a plural when just a plain "s" will do.


Aye, and I purposefully ignore the rule that "compact discs" should be abbreviated to CD's rather than CDs, because screw that nonsense.

We seem to be at an impasse with a chicken-and-egg scenario here. "If everyone had learned the language perfectly, common errors would not be socially reinforced." "If the language were less inherently confusing, everyone would learn it more perfectly." Both are true.


He was. I made this comment well before I knew any of that (not that I know it all that well now).


Why couldn't the translation be either: "The dog has rice" OR "The dog eats rice"


I believe that is because Есть = has / there is while Ест = еатing


subtle difference - THANKS!


Which would be the pronunciation difference?


The best way to find answers to this question is to watch people demonstrating the difference between soft and hard consonants. There are some good videos on YouTube that helped me work it out.


The use of У makes it possessive. "By the dog there is rice."


There's no possessive here. собаки is in the genitive because it is the object of the preposition У. Under declension tables, the Genitive would have собака become собакы, but the Russian Spelling Rules require the ы to be changed to и - Genitive Singular Feminine.


that makes even more sense - thanks!!


Reading the comments it seems that you see this sentence as "the dog has = eats rice" as you can use "have" as an equivalent to "eat" in English. But I think the Russian sentence literally means that the dog "owns" rice. Am I wrong? To say, that he "has" in the meaning of "eats" rice, you would have to say: "савака ест рис", no?


What case is this isn´t собака feminine ? I whached all the cases and did not find a feminie case ending in и, have I looked wrong ?


Yes, собака is feminine. Собаки is the genitive case. With the table given on the tips and notes, it should be собакы. However, к falls under the spelling rule which always use и instead of ы ( 7-letter rule: К, Г, Х and Ш, Ж, Щ, Ч ).


Что такое "собакы"?


Why are peaple complaining that feeding dogs rice isn't normal? My dog lived off rice his entire 12 day old lif


It means by, and saying 《у тебя есть...》 you're saying "by me is... I know its odd, but that's how you show possession


Again, why is not indefinite article accepted?


I think since the "у" means a speacial one.


How would one say correctly say: "Yes, the dogs have rice."?


Да, это собака


When doing a listening exercise, how can we tell the difference between "ест" and "есть"? Just guess and hope we guess correctly whether the dog has or is eating rice?


Duolingo is weird... Insects learn portuguese; turtles play guitar in Catalunya and dogs have rice in Russia... : 0


maybe giving this dog so much starch isn't such an idea good. (notice the "English" word order at the end of the sentence.)


I never heared about a dog that eat rice but ok


I can't understand the difference between "eat" and "have"!!! I have to guess every time ! Anyone can help please


ест means eating and есть means have, if you want to understand by listening to it then you should pay attention to the context. I guess it is the right answer because I'm beginning to understand it too haha, I hope it did help you


It say "да, у собаки есть рис" how do i tell if dog is plural or singular in this sentence?


собака is feminine and the genitve used here is in singular if you replace the а with an и. The genitive plural form would be собак.


What would the dogs have rice be?


Whats the difference between (у него есть) and (у он есть) ??? Can i say both or is one of them incorrect???


It's pretty common for dogs to be veg in some parts of India. My family had a dog who completely lived on spicy Indian food :)


What the hell is this? Please make meaningful examples


Oh please make some meaningful examples. This app is full of nonesense

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