"Det står en prinsesse med lang kjole utenfor døren."

Translation:There is a princess with a long dress outside the door.

December 4, 2015

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I'm sure this phrase will come up frequently in conversation when I finally visit Oslo…


Why is there no need for 'en' before 'lang'?


I have the same question


Does "med lang kjole" mean that she is wearing this dress? I answered "princess IN a long dress" and it was not accepted.


The phrase "with a long dress" seems awkward to me. (I think of a princess carrying a long dress.) In American English, one would say "in a long dress". Unless you were discussing which accessory you would wear "with a long dress." That`s why I keep getting this one wrong. :oþ


The normal interpretation would be that she is wearing a long dress.


I pictured her carrying it in a bag...


Sorry, but my princess is in another castle


I think "outside of" should be accepted for "utenfor" because in english when something has a relation to something else most of the time we use "of", so it makes sense to say "something is standing outside of the door"


Never said nor heard it spoken that way within North America. You cannot be contained within the door, so "of" would be unnecessary. Outside the door, or outside of the room.


I'm with you on this one! I've lived all over the US, but I don't know if this is a regional expression or not. I'm currently in the South, and I asked around. It is NOT common here, so I picked it up somewhere else. My mom used it & she was Midwestern (Indiana) so perhaps that is it.


Wouldn't you rather say "in front of the door"? I have never heard the phrase "outside of the door" and it sounds very strange to me.


Outside the door, behind the door, both imply the speaker is on the opposite side. In front of the door would indicate you were both on the same side (perhaps she is in your way).


Is it Halloween already?


When do you use står and er?

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