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  5. "Tá roinnt cairde nua agam."

" roinnt cairde nua agam."

Translation:I have some new friends.

December 4, 2015



Cairde is the nominative plural???? Or genitive?????


It’s both, but in this exercise the genitive is used.


Does 'roinnt' always take the genitive?


If you read roinnt cairde as "a portion of friends", the "of" serves as a genitive marker ("the house's roof" = "the roof of the house"). For "portion of" read "an indeterminate number of" or "some".


Is it not a few new friends? Some sugar, but a few people...


Roinnt could be translated as “a few” here, but that doesn’t make “some” wrong.


Should 'several' be accepted here?

[deactivated user]

    I would have to say no. Irish doesn't really have a word for "several", so the word for "some" can be used when translating from English into Irish. But there is a difference in meaning between "several" and "some" in English (a not easily defined difference, but a difference nonetheless), so there isn't really a justification for translating roinnt into "several" when going from Irish to English, unless there is something specific in the context that would make "several" a more appropriate translation.

    English speakers also tend to be strict about the difference between "a couple" and "a few", but Irish allows cúpla to cover the lower end of "a few", and roinnt to cover the upper end, with some other words thrown in in some situations.


    Roinnt = share of? Grma

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