"Ja, so kann man es betrachten."

Translation:One can see it that way.

January 9, 2013

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my head just exploded


No number can even come close to the number of times I failed this lessen due to these difficult-to-understand sentences.


why isn't it "yes, so you can look at it"


I did: yes, that is another way to look at it


I've had much more trouble with these later lessons and have definitely encountered more frustrating instances where I am marked wrong on an answer that really seems okay. I can usually accept these instances as my misunderstandings (however small), but on this question, I really cannot understand why "Yes, one can look at it so" is marked wrong. Isn't "so" an exact translation? Duolingo offers "Yes, one can look at it thus" as a possible correct answer, but that seems no better or less awkward a translation then mine. Not a big deal, just aggravating to be discredited for something like that.


Why is it "that way"? I don't understand where this comes from!


I think it's the "so" that is translated as "that way"


I think you're right. The so is translated "that way", but it need not be. In English also, ":so" is used to means "that way". Here it is from the dictionary: "2. in that or this manner or fashion; thus: So it turned out." So the correct English translation could be simply "so". I posted this as a correction.


Compare with "Es ist so!" literally "It is so" but we would usually say, "that's how it it"

BTW "Es ist so" is the answer I usually get when I ask a German a "why" question about their language ;-)

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The "so kann man es betrachten" makes sense to me. But I don't understand why "Ja" does not get a corresponding "Yes" in the English translation. Can anyone explain?

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A follow-up: I reported it and have just received the following:

You suggested "Yes, one can look at it that way." as a translation for "Ja, so kann man es betrachten." We now accept this translation. :)

So it seems the problem was at Duolingo's end.


I would translate 'Ja' as 'indeed'. I think the meaning behind' ja' is something like 'yes you are right' while inside your head you are contemplating the answer

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Hmm, I will try "Indeed, one can look at it this way" the next time this comes up and see if it's accepted. I still feel it's a little harsh to reject "Yes, one can look at it this way" as a valid translation.


I just tried "indeed" and the owl said no. I've already tried "yes".

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Report it if it comes up again (and if you can bear losing the heart) -- they've just added the "Yes, one can..." variant in response to my report (see my other reply below).


The correct answer that just came up for me (when I gave up trying to fix my mistake) "one can see it that way". I spent ages trying to get the "ja" translated correctly!


It shows how difficult it is to translate German idiom into correct English idiom


Duolingo is falling a part in the later lessons

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