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  5. "Вам нужен хлеб?"

"Вам нужен хлеб?"

Translation:Do you need bread?

December 4, 2015



I don't really understand all the forms of "Нужно". Do they agree with the subject, in this case "Хлеб" or to "Вам"?


With "хлеб":

  • вам нужен хлеб?
  • да, мне нужен хлеб
  • мне не нужна курица
  • мне нужно яблоко


Нужно is generally what you use for neuter nouns; нужен is just a special case scenario :p


thank you very much


I thought gender was only expressed in past tense verbs. Is this a specific case or is 'to need' formed using a past tense in russian? And what is the difference between 'мне нужнт' и 'мне надо'?


You're right in that verbs only express gender in the past tense. But нужнен/нужна́/нужно/нужны́ is a short adjective, so it does change for gender (a painfully literal translation would be 'to you necessary bread?'). There's an introduction to short adjectives here: https://youtu.be/0A1qZ4tUWI4


Why isn't "the bread" acceptable?


What's the difference with надо ?


How am I supposed to know if its need or needed in this context? I put "did you need bread" and it eas marked wrong.


To express 'needed' you'd have быть (to be) in the past tense, agreeing with the thing that's needed. Вам нужен был хлеб? Did you need bread? Вам нужна была книга? Did you need a book? Вам нужны были деньги? Did you need money?

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