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  5. "Bu benim bavulum değil!"

"Bu benim bavulum değil!"

Translation:This is not my suitcase!

December 4, 2015



Why this suitcase is not mine is wrong? Thanks


The meaning's essentially the same but that could also be translated into Turkish as bu bavul benim değil


Why not bu benim bavul diğilim and when do we add the suffix to değil..


The suffix on the end of "değil" matches the subject, which in this case is "suitcase." You have to be careful about where you at attaching everything :)


Isn't the subject "bu"?


Yep. Benim bavulum değil is the predicate.


so the original sentence would be: bu bavul benim degil but you can rearrange it to emphasize "bavulum" I'm sorry but it's really hard to know where to add the suffix and where not "~"


Bu bavul benim değil = This suitcase is not mine.

Subject = bu bavul "this suitcase", predicate = benim değil "is not mine"

Bu benim bavul değil = This is not my suitcase.

Subject = bu, predicate = benim bavul değil "is not my suitcase".

Those two sentences essentially mean the same thing but are pragmatically very subtly different. It's possible to use suitcase in both parts of the sentence.

Bu bavul benim bavulum değil = This suitcase is not my suitcase.

... or in neither:

Bu benim değil = This is not mine.

Essentially, the structure of any of these sentences can be thought of as:

Bu (bavul) benim (bavulum) değil = This (suitcase) is not mine/my (suitcase).

You can mention the the word suitcase in either part of the sentence, but when you're referring to "this suitcase" it doesn't have a possessed ending and when you're referring to "my suitcase" it has -um.


By the time you reach to 'değil', you'll be surrounded by airport security :)


How could I say: "This suitcase isn't mine".? (thx!) ®


Bu bavul benim değil.


maybe you guys can fix the program when you hover over the word it shows the standard form of the word. like just suitcase would be bavul correct?


I wish we could do that, but that is more of a Duolingo-as-a-whole problem and less this specific course. You could put it in the troubleshooting forum and see what happens.


I think there is a fault in pronouncing "değil" ... it sounds exactly like "dil" the language.


I've also heard it pronounced "dil" a lot, but sometimes closer to "değil." Surely it happens in many languages that pronunciation becomes a little inexact when context makes the meaning clear.


Bu benim bavulum yok İs it right also


no, yok means "do/does not have" or "there is not"


So you would have to omit the "bu" and make "(Benim) bavulum yok." which would mean "I have not suitcase.", right?


"I have not suitcase" doesn't make sense in English. That would be "I do not have a suitcase" :)


Could you please check the pronounciation of "değil" it seems exactly lie "dil" the language

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