Mod or No Mod [Guide to Reporting Posts and Incidents]

Please note, the ability to directly contact moderators is disabled. I do not currently know if it will be restored or if so what the timeline will be. However, this information is still good when determining whether or not to send an abuse report to staff.

[Borrrowed and updated from a post created by AlexisLinguist and myself.]

This subject could perhaps use some clarification, so we've decided to give you all a rundown of what you should and should not report to moderators. Unless a moderator says otherwise (as each of us operates differently), these guidelines apply to all moderators.

Where to find moderators

What To Report:

  • Sexual harassment/situation: First and foremost, please report all such incidences of harassment or uncomfortable situations to 2+ moderators, as well as sending a message to giving a short summary and the usernames of those involved. This is taken very seriously on Duolingo.

  • Porn: Report these directly to and moderators. When reporting these to 2+ moderators, note that it is a post with porn, so that other users don't unknowingly enter that discussion if it's an issue.

  • Rapid spamming: Never engage with rapid spammers. Simply notify a moderator, and if the messages they are spamming with are hate messages, report them directly by sending an abuse report to staff.

  • Users who are not here to learn (multiple instances of heckling/foul language): Do not engage or post on their stream. Simply notify a moderator.

This means that a great majority of things need not be reported to a moderator. It is easier for us to operate "off the grid" because it can get quite overwhelming to have our streams flooded with spam alerts. So, please do not report...

-Gibberish posts
-Posts unrelated to Duolingo
-Posts containing personal information (unless they detail school names, home addresses, and ages of children, then please notify a moderator)
-Anything else I may have forgotten

So what can I do?

The best thing you can do to notify the moderators is to downvote and ignore. The best thing you can do to help the users is to give them solid, positive advice. The best thing you can do to keep yourself out of the fray is to step back if you notice a tense situation.

Thanks for helping the modforce and staff keep the forums running smoothly!

Extra notes:
- Please give to the moderators, a full direct link to the user's profile who is violating the guidelines, rather than just a username.
- Please do not make a discussion post reporting a user by name in the forums. You can report a user by name to Moderators.
- If reporting extensive Immersion abuse, please include a full link to the user profile, a link to the article, and screenshot examples of the abuse. (Please only report extensive, multiple article abuse.)

December 4, 2015

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