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  5. "The furnishing is important."

"The furnishing is important."

Translation:Die Einrichtung ist wichtig.

January 9, 2013



moeblieren is listed as a translation of furniture, but then it counts it wrong if you put that


Because "furnishing" can be a noun or a verb in English. Here it's being used as a noun, but Duolingo has given the verb translation.


shoul it not be?:the institution is important


Furnishing.... arrangement... I think it all works depending on the context of the situation. What if it's a wedding or special event?


How about "die Möbel sind wichtig"? Does that work? Duolingo didn't accept it :(


I think that means "the furniture is important. I'm guessing "Möbel is not quite the same as "the furnishing," which presumably includes rugs, wall hangings, etc. Just a guess.

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The furnishing hasn't been taught to me yet. (March 2013)


Is it basically some form of homonym? We, in English, have homonyms like rate and rate. One being a quantity, and another being quality of something. Or, even in German, WeiB being white or knows. It depends on context. The rate of speed, or the rating of a product. Ich bin sehr weiB, Er weiB es. This could refer to an institution or an action of providing.

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