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How can I set the russian course in cyrillic alphabet on mobile ?

I know I have already installed the russian alphabet on my phone but how can I set the course in cyrillic ? I have already seen the instructions given by the contributors of the course but they haven't helped much.

December 4, 2015



Try going to "strengthen" lessons on a skill that you have already completed and start one of them and you should see the "Aa яЯ" button on the top left, right below the "Quit" link. Click that to toggle to the cyrillic, then you can click "quit" and go do the normal lessons in cyrillic. For some reason the "Aa яЯ" button doesn't show up on the normal lessons on the mobile site, just the "strengthen" ones.


When in your web browser go to full site and then go to your russian lesson and you will be able to see and use the switch. Then it will stay like that until you close that page im guessing? Not too sure but hope it helps you out


Maybe you could tell us what kind of phone you're using?

iPhone? Android? Are you using the app or the browser?

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