"Кто является главой государства в России?"

Translation:Who is Russia's head of state?

December 4, 2015

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'Who's the head of state of Russia' is perfectly normal English too...


So is "Who is the head of state of Russia" and "Who is head of state of Russia" but both were rejected.


Putin is the head of state (President) and the head of government is the Prime Minister, Medvedev.


Actually VVP is everything. Dmitry is just being used for the rotation of the positions.


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Could you also theoretically say "государства России" or does it have to be "государства /в/ России"? Is that an idiomatic thing?


Yes, it's acceptable. It has the same semantic difference as "the head of the state in the USA" vs "the head of the USA state".


As a native speaker, I would never, ever say "the head of the USA state." It would be acceptable to say "the US head of state" or "the USA's head of state."


So who is the legs of the state in Russia?


Can i ask why we're only being taught является/is right at the end of the Russian course?

'Is' is such a basic word that i would have assumed would have been taught along with 'hello'. I was thinking that Russia doesn't use is she as it doesn't use the, but now suddenly we're being told that it does.

Unless of course there is a very specific need to use the word является/is now as it only applies to politics?


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