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"«Не я принимаю решения», сказал депутат."

Translation:"I do not make the decisions," said the deputy.

December 4, 2015


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I put the correct answer, but the app answers with an error, showing exactly the same answer than me. Any bug to be fix?

May 8, 2017


The same with me. I think Duo is drunk! But this is not going to let me finish the lesson. Fix it, please, Duo!

May 10, 2017


the same happened to me ! then I saw that the Russian text is between < and > so I put these signs and it was accepted !

May 12, 2017


I see what you mean. But I'm using Android and it's not possible to use the keyboard in this exercise. I just have to select given words. Anyway, Duolingo should accept my answer. This is ridiculous! Duolingo is rejecting my answer and suggesting the same answer as correct. Moderators should do something or I won't be able to finish this lesson.

May 16, 2017


I had the same problem. I am using the android app but I logged in to my online account using a computer and redid the lesson using the quotation marks as suggested above. It's a clunky solution but it worked :)

June 21, 2017


I did the same in the end, but without the marks and it accepted. I think nobody is going to do anything about it. They should fix it on android apps.

June 22, 2017


Do I have to stop russian course here?

October 15, 2017


You should complete the skill in web version if that's possible. Still not fixed in Android...

December 5, 2017


That's a Duo bug, not something moderators can resolve.

April 21, 2018


Can only pick the words in this one

June 23, 2017


It did this to me too. I just did the whole section and then completed it by testing out (never was able to get it to accept the answer, ugh). Testing out worked, at least!

August 28, 2017


I have the same problem, please fix it.

August 13, 2017


I have got the same Problem. What i can do?

December 3, 2017


It seems to be fixed now... 2018-March-02.

March 3, 2018


I thought I had this problem, but after reading about 17 times I realized the "correct" sentence had the word "the", which I had omitted and which I don't think it's necessary.

May 27, 2018


Where? "The" before "deputy" is certainly necessary. "The" before "decisions" is not required in any answers.

May 27, 2018


It was the "the" before "decisions" that I left out.

May 27, 2018


That isn't required. But if the answer was rejected for some other reason, the answer it displayed instead might include "the", and if your answer was rejected because of the bug already noted, that might show as the only difference.

The bug seems to relate to the answer including quotation marks. For now I've entered the answers without quotation marks as well, hopefully that will resolve the issue.

May 27, 2018


Why is it "не я" instead of "я не"

February 7, 2017

[deactivated user]

    That's a great question. :)

    If you put «не» before the main verb, you make a negative sentence, negating the message: you're saying that you are not making the decisions. From this sentence, we don't know if anyone else is making them or not.

    If you put «не» before any other word, you make a positive sentence with just one thing negated:

    • Не я принимаю решения. 'It's not me who makes the decisions.', 'Someone else is making decisions, not me.' This sentence tells that someone makes the decisions, and this someone is not me. It's still a positive sentence (because it tells the decisions be
    • Я принимаю не решения. 'What I'm taking is not decisions.', 'I'm taking something else, not decisions.' This sentence tells that I do принимаю something, but it's not decisions. Since принима́ть реше́ния 'to make decisions' is a set expressions, we don't usually break it this way (because when you 'make decisions', you're not actually taking anything), so this phrase can probably be only used in jokes.

    Basically, Russian allows to put «не» before any word.

    February 7, 2017

    • 1811

    ok, but then why is in this case "я не принимаю решения" the wrong answer?

    March 10, 2017


    it is not. it's just Duo

    July 3, 2019


    I tend to agree with this, but "it is not I making the decisions" is not accepted... nor was "I am not the one making the decisions"...

    April 28, 2017


    Many thanks for this explanation. I am nearing the end of the tree. I started learning Russian in April 2016 until august 2016 and then I had to stop because of a serious illness. I started again almost 2 months ago. This means I have some 7 months studying the language and, to my distress, I CANNOT SPEAK. This never happened to me with any of the other 6 languages i speak currently(including english) . I am surprised because RUSSIAN , being an Indo-European language should be easier for me than a semitic or asian one. HOW LONG DOES ONE REALLY NEED TO BE ABLE TO EXPRESS ONESELF CURRENTLY IN RUSSIAN WITHOUT PRETENDING BEING TOLSTOI, OF COURSE.

    May 18, 2017


    According to thelinguist. Com, Russian is in group 3 for difficulty along with, to name a few, Vietnamese, Hebrew, serbo-croatian.. All of which are said to need 720 hours in which to become proficient. So, 10 hours per day for 72 days. Realistically, we have busy lives, so I would triple or even quadruple that to, give or take, a year. That's studying for 2 hours per day.

    July 11, 2019


    Решение is the singular and neutral word. In plural it is решения

    August 24, 2017


    I think it's because the deputy said : "Don't you make decisions. "Я не" would be "I don't". If this really happened, the deputy would have probably used the words "Не ты принимаешь решения."

    July 11, 2019


    Is there actually any way to hear the difference between an ие and ия ending? It seems like you can only tell based on context because they both reduce to [ijɪ]... any native speaker judgements on that?

    December 4, 2015

    [deactivated user]

      You're right, they're both pronounced the same way, unless in a very careful speech.

      December 5, 2015


      Мой ответ такой же как в Дуолинго, но его не принимают. Не могу идти дальше.

      May 18, 2017


      У меня такая же проблема

      June 7, 2017


      This is where I'm stuck :'(

      May 19, 2017


      Why not "I do not make decisions", said the deputy (instead of THE decisions)?

      May 5, 2017


      I can not continue course

      July 24, 2017


      what's wrong with "it is not me who makes decisions the deputy said" ?

      August 6, 2016


      A native English speaker would almost never say that. I'm not sure it's actually wrong, but it's an incredibly awkward phrasing.

      September 23, 2016


      wouldn't "I do not make the decisions" better translate "я не принимаю решения"? On the other hand, I believe "не я принимаю решения" has a different meaning, because implies someone else who makes decisions.

      January 2, 2017


      Как vik84w

      May 26, 2017


      How long does it take to fix the problem?

      December 3, 2017


      It's not up to me to decide?

      October 31, 2016

      [deactivated user]

        I think this is also a good translation (although not literal), and should be accepted. You can use the Report button next time you get this sentence to reach the developers.

        October 31, 2016


        I guess that would be Это не мне решать

        July 18, 2018


        Same here, cannot continue course

        June 8, 2017


        Почему не исправите это предложение?

        July 24, 2017


        Просто забили, у них другие заботы о монетизации

        August 5, 2017


        Why do not you fix this sentence?

        July 24, 2017


        I had to redo the lesson in my computer in the end. Still not fixed in Android though... So bad that they are not fixing it.

        July 26, 2017


        Change it!

        August 24, 2017


        The same...

        August 28, 2017


        Same problem...

        September 7, 2017


        This is not the first exercise that has made this error. Very frustrating. Wake up Duolingo and fix these bugs please!!!!

        September 14, 2017


        Как пройти это задание? Любой ответ принимается как некорректный!

        December 15, 2017


        Apparently, you can only finish it on web. That's what i did.

        January 8, 2018


        У программистов нехватает ума поправить упражнение или они просто забили на мучения пользователей этого приложения??!!!

        December 27, 2017


        Я уверен что проблема в " " .

        February 11, 2018


        This is wrong. Fix the app

        June 29, 2017


        Same problem!

        June 30, 2017


        Not working well I answered perfectly

        July 16, 2017


        The same problem. I put correct answer

        July 18, 2017


        The same problem happens to me.. I pick the words in the right order and the app answers with an error

        July 24, 2017


        The same for me

        July 26, 2017



        July 26, 2017


        The same with me

        July 31, 2017


        Ran into the same bug on Android. Please fix!

        August 8, 2017


        What's the issue here? Duolingo doesn't seem to listen to our complaints. The problem is that I can't go on to the next lesson because of this error.

        August 9, 2017


        I answered the same, but the system marked as a mistake.

        August 13, 2017


        I put every combination and duo puts an error

        August 15, 2017


        I answred correctrly but duo did not accept my answer please fix it !!

        August 16, 2017


        Have the same problem. I put the correct answer but the app says wrong, showing the same answer as the correct one. How can I pass this level? :(

        August 19, 2017



        August 23, 2017


        Я сделал тот же ответ, что и написала программа, но он указан как неверный!!!! Как так?

        December 15, 2017


        Предложенный "правильный" перевод должен звучать,как "я не принимаю решений"- сказал депутат." По смыслу это предложение отличается от заданного.

        January 13, 2018

        [deactivated user]

          «Я не принимаю решений» соответствует «I don’t make decisions», а не «the decisions».

          January 25, 2018


          А можно так: The decisions are made not by me. (Дуо ругается)? Или так: It is not me who makes decisions?

          April 9, 2018


          It is correct

          January 24, 2018


          Very bad issues with the app!!! PLS DO CHECK

          February 14, 2018


          Finishing the exercise IMPOSSIBLE!!!!

          February 14, 2018


          A great bug i think so

          February 20, 2018


          Это некорректно. "Не я принимаю решения" и "я не принимаю решения" (если брать перевод с английского), это разные по смыслу предложения.

          January 25, 2019


          Does "deputy" really stand for "депутат" and not "заместитель"?

          January 29, 2019


          Да, кто-то из местных корифеев говорил, что deputy - это ложный друг переводчика, и переводится как "заместитель", а не "депутат". Поэтому в одном из уроков этот вариант Дуо отвергался. Хотелось бы прояснить ситуацию.

          February 8, 2019


          the same problem!!! fix it PLEASE!!!

          October 9, 2017


          The answer almost be written, I just chosed three words more. And same with the correction. There is an error here.

          October 15, 2017


          Do I have to stop here?

          October 15, 2017


          Same issue as others

          December 9, 2017


          Please fix it

          December 16, 2017


          Why is it deputy rather than MP here, but in another question it was MP and not deputy?

          December 21, 2017


          Duolingo you have a problem!

          December 25, 2017


          Same problem, I put the correct answer and it says its wrong

          January 5, 2018


          When we use an Android cellphone, never to accept the answer. Duolingo accepts my answer when I use a tablet, laptop and PC.

          January 12, 2018


          Исправьте ошибку "please" невозможно пройти задание

          January 15, 2018


          I just mark the right sentence you offer me...what' s bad about it?

          January 22, 2018


          The same problem.

          April 12, 2018


          Дуо принял у меня ответ. Похоже они исправили ошибку

          July 22, 2018


          I think that it is grammatically wring. The subject is "me" or "I" si that it can't be "makeS". Woukdn't it be better to say :" I don't make the decisions"?

          October 25, 2018


          I think its fixed. I have android and wrote I do not make the decisions said the deputy. It was accepted. I put no marks, commas, нечего.

          May 3, 2019



          July 11, 2019


          most certainly, such a fake person isn't a deputy of anything, imagines himself to be, and although said he doesn't speak for the group, certainly tries to. What a ridiculous delusional idiot.

          August 12, 2019


          Shut up

          January 22, 2018
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