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"Vanya got into a university in St. Petersburg."

Translation:Ваня поступил в университет в Петербурге.

December 4, 2015



Why do we need the first в? According to the hint, поступил means "get INTO". So why do we in effect say "Vanya got into IN...."? Could it be that once again a helpful hint is actually highly misleading?


It is russian, baby


Isn't "Ваня поступил на университет" also possible, or does that have a different meaning?


Люди поступают в университет на факультет.


I wrote Санкт-Петербург and Duo claims I missed a space! I am pretty sure that Санкт Петербург is wrong and having that - in there is right. Also there is no way to report this, except under "Something else went wrong"!


Is университет in accusative because he metaphorically got into the place (physically) vs Петербурге in prepositional because it's specifying a location?

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