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Problems beteween the multilingual learning

Sometimes I'm learning English(I know portuguese and want to learn english) and sometimes I'm learning french (I know english and want to learn french). When a I choose one of them, in my profile appears only one: the one whose I'm learning right now.

It would be nice that appered both courses. And a choosed my own language to learn, just to see, but now I want to unsubscribe this course, because I already know my own language.

(Sorry, my english IS BAD :( )

January 10, 2013

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I don't think they're planning to let people drop a language after they've started it, but I can see them implementing the appearance of showing all languages if they haven't already.

Oh, and don't be so discouraged about your English! I understood what you meant on the first read. Just keep practicing... with your current level I think you'd be fine conversing with other English speakers.

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