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  5. "Do, kion vi bezonis?"

"Do, kion vi bezonis?"

Translation:So, what did you need?

December 5, 2015



This isn't exactly using the meaning of "so." This seems like something that would be popular among english speakers, to use "do" in front of sentences. What "so" is really used for is to like things together. "X happened, so we have to leave" or something like that.

Is this trait popular in Esperanto as well? (Using the word to preface a sentence but not employing its meaning)


I come across it very often, yes.

I think it still employs its meaning a little bit. The X is just more implicit from an earlier context, often entirely unspoken. That's how I tend to interpret it, anyway.


Is this really a question about what someone needed in the past, or is it intended to find out what they need now, possibly because you will try to help them get it?


It is about the past. Otherwise, it would be: Do, kion vi bezonas.


isn't "so" more like "and thus"? I mean, you use it as an explanation for the second part of the sentence?


I've always understood do to be a little like English "well..." or "um...", which don't really have a meaning, but vocally transition a thought.


"So" is used in many ways, including as an introductory particle. Check past the adverb meanings, to the conjunction meanings. Consider "So, here we are." or "So, now what?" which is of course totally different from "So what!" http://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/so

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