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  5. "моя обувь"

"моя обувь"

Translation:my footwear

December 5, 2015



How would you say "my shoe"? Singular.

Like "Where is my shoe?" - I have one, I can't find the other one.


«о́бувь» is more like "footwear". It is already a singular mass noun and does not really have to distinguish between one and many.

If you mean a non-sports shoe, reaching maybe your ankle but no higher, it is usually ту́фля (a dress shoe, or a woman's shoe) or боти́нок (preferred by males to describe their shoes, though, more in spoken speech). High "boots" are сапоги́ (singular «сапо́г»).

And, of course, sneakers and flip-flops are their own thing. If you need an umbrella term, it is still "footwear" (обувь).


But how would you ask about one shoe? ("My shoe" is marked wrong as an answer.)


It depends on the design: туфля, ботинок, сапог, кроссовка, босоножка.

Обувь is a collective noun that means "footwear", the best friend of одежда ("clothes"). That's also what you are likely to see on a shop's sign.


Many thanks for your very valuable inputs but why is "my shoe" wrong in this case?


I think, as can be inferred above, because the semantics of "моя обувь" would be equivalent to "my shoes" in English. Like you don't say "my pant" or "my trouser" even though they can be technically correct but it would have been an odd case. I got this wrong too, but after seeing these explanations I'm more inclined to accept it's better marked the answer "my shoe" incorrect. And I WAS wrong to assume singular, even though it could be argued I don't have to be wrong.


These days I think "footwear" may have been a better choice; the word exists in English, and it is a more direct translation.

[deactivated user]

    preferred by males to describe their shoes

    Not in Belarus, I guess..? I've only seen «ботинки» written on tags in shops, but never heard anyone use that word, only «туфли». I'm pretty surprised to hear it's 'preferred'.


    Incredibly useful, thanks!


    Depends on the kind of the shoe, the most common one is called ботинок or туфля


    If it really means 'footwear' or is more commonly understood as that, can we just have DuoLingo teach that, so this kind of confusion will be mitigated?


    Even though it's literally 'footwear', I suppose 'shoes' would still would be a more correct translation.

    I mean, wouldn't 'Where are my shoes?' be more natural to say than 'where is my footwear?'


    I put "my shoes", and it was marked correct.


    The correct answer should say footwear then


    What's a pair of shoes called?


    They're my shoes. Don't touch

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