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  5. "Children eat fruit."

"Children eat fruit."

Translation:Çocuklar meyve yerler.

December 5, 2015



Is the ler really necessary? Couldn't it also be Çocuklar meyve yer because we already know it's plural from çocuklar


"meyve I'll have some fruit" for meyve. "Joe Kook is a child" for "cocuk". "Eat yer food" for "yer".


Note: çocuk is pronounced: Cho jook.


"Çocuklar meyve yer." Accepted as another correct answer. My answer was wrong by the way: "Çocuklar meyveyi yer." I wrote "THE" definite not "indefinite."


Why is meyveyi wrong? Isn't fruit accusative here?


No, it's not. Here, "meyve" means "any fruits", not a specific fruit.


Hello Mariane

"Children eat fruit." Translation: Çocuklar meyve yer.

& the plural noun means yerler can be yer.

How many ^ likes & lingots have you been awarded today?

Kind regards.


Why do you ask me how lingo i have? I don't know how to use them. I just progress quitely without objectif, just the one learning turkish. However the time of study. And what about you? If i give you lingo, what for do you use them? I read that we can recover streat days.... I assume i have only one like ^ I never think to use that...i don't mind. You?


I have awarded you this virtual currency for your comments. At the moment my daily streaks are not continuous as I share a computer & cannot study weekends on DL. Check your bell symbol if there are numbers in it?


Why can't it be only Çocuk?


"Children eat fruit." Translation: Çocuklar meyve yerler.

Why can't it be only Çocuk?

Çocuk? is singular & in this English question children is a plural noun.

You can omit the "-ler" suffix to the verb in the Turkish answer.

"Çocuklar meyve yer." - Correct.

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