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  5. "Hun hadde aldri funnet ham."

"Hun hadde aldri funnet ham."

Translation:She had never found him.

December 5, 2015



And she married a loving, caring man, and had a good, ordinary life with him. But deep down she always wondered what it would have been like if she had found the boy with the crooked smile that reached deep into his eyes. He had been there for just this magical afternoon in her late youth, and then he vanished. Maybe if she had asked his name, maybe if she had just looked a bit harder, maybe... But she brushed the thought away violently. I have everything I could have asked for, she said to herself. I am happy.


Man, I was just thinking that she let a gerbil out of a cage or something. ^^


I am happy! Or so she thought back then. Never for one moment thinking that her life would never be the same,signing up with Duolingo.

"It's just a silly computer game!" she said to herself. "Why should I not give myself a little time, for me, to learn Turkish or French or even Norwegian?" "I need it ! I deserve it. It's time for me. I am a woman. Me! me! me!!" suddenly laying down her bottle of turtle moisturizing-cream onto an ant eating her sandwich.
And so it was at first, progressing and learning to cope with the strange pronunciations, until that day, at level 16 and so now over the level of consent, HE wrote. . And she knew again that it was the boy. The one with the crooked smile that reached deep into his fjord blue eyes. He would not go away this time, as if she had never found him


The audio for the "slow" version sounds like funda – a "d" sound, whereas the funnet ending is 100% clear in the "fast" version.


Yes I changed the spelling because of it.


I distinctly hear a 'd' in funnet. Sounds like 'funde'. Is that correct?


No... It sounds okay to me (pc version), except for it being a robotic voice and thus a tad unnatural.

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