"старая школа"

Translation:an old school

December 5, 2015

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I would love to know if this can be used as in English when talking about people, like in: "These guys are old school."


Yes, it can be used

"живопись старой школы" (old school painting)
"музыка старой школы" (old school music)


Funny, that this can be translated literally. In German, too, there's a rare idiom "Alte Schule" which literally and idiomatic means old school. But nowadays, people rather use the Anglicism "oldschool"


Also exists in French : "Vielle école".


Note the correct spelling IRL would be "Old skool".

Don't say "Old School" because you will immediately lose any credibility of being Old Skool


I actually wrote it like that before correcting myself. Word.


definitely outing yourself as considerably new school


After listening a couple of times on this sound clip, I can't help hearing старие and not старая школа. Both fast and slow versions give this impression. Am I the only one hearing this?


Despite the glitch, the ends of the word sounds nothing like рие.


Старый школа is what I hear.


Школа is старАЯ. Feminitive and things


thats the way we go


Can it also have the same meaning as in English "my old school" -- the school I went to 9even if the school is physically new)?


I have seen DL make a big deal out of whether something is a sentence or not. Allow me to point out that this phrase does not start with a capital letter and does not end with a period. Therefore, it is not a sentence as described.


So older school would be старшая школа. Can we say that adding ш makes any adjective into "er" ending?


Nope, these are just one-off occurrences, in the grand scheme of things. Младший is a Church Slavonic influence even.

Most of our comparative degrees behave like adverbs and do not have adjectival declension. Some of them have Ш, some do not (слабее, длиннее, меньше, хуже, интереснее etc.)

Старшая школа is more like "high school" but we don't really use that expression (Russia does not really have high schools).

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