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"I am not Spanish but I know Spanish."

Translation:İspanyol değilim ama İspanyolca biliyorum.

December 5, 2015



I apologize for bringing this topic up during this particular dicussion, but there does not seem to be a specific heading under which I can leave a comment.

It should be noted ...

In English, (depending on the particular country being discussed) there is sometimes no distinction between the 'word' for nationality or language, unless given context.

For example...

In English, the word Spanish can refer to both the nationality/country of origin and also the language.

"My friend is Spanish". = "Arkadaşım İspanyol".

"My friend is teaching me Spanish". = "Arkadaşim bana İspanyolca öğretiyor".

In one of the exercises, we are asked to translate the word Chinese from English to Turkish. If we give the answer "Çince" (language), our response is marked as being Correct, but if we answer "Çinli" (nationality) it is considered to be Incorrect.

The word Chinese can refer to Çinli (nationality), as well as, Çince (language). Same goes for Spanish = İspanyol (nationality), İspanyolca (language).

As explained above, in English, it is often impossible to know what is being referred to (nationality or language) without context.
The word "Spanish"or "Chinese"... by itself ... is, therefore, not sufficient enough to convey only one accepted translation.

For these partıcular types of exercises, when translating from English to Turkish, both answers (whether referring to language or nationality) should be accepted.

I have reported this problem, but the issue has still not been resolved. I have, therefore, posted these comments in the hopes that it may be helpful to others.


It was helpful. Nationality and languages is difficult in Turkish.


what is the difference between lakin and ama


lakin is very rarely used in today's language


Would "İspanyalı değilim" be accepted?


Because of the Catalan people :)

"İspanyol" refers to the ethnic group "Spanish." "İspanyalı" would be more like "from Spain," ad doesn't have any implications about ethnicity.


So like Hispanic?

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