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Virtual keyboard

Please add a virtual keyboard!

I love Duolingo <3

December 5, 2015



If you are on the desktop, then the you should be able to add a virtual keybaord from the Operting System.

If you are using an iPad just hold the key down and a selection panel will appear with different forms of the letter.


If you're using a normal computer, I HIGHLY recommend just learning the standard russian keyboard. At first I was trying to use a phonetic keyboard where, for example, the P key was mapped to the П letter. However, I found that any time I was away from my own computer, I couldn't type because the other computer didn't have that specific keyboard installed. Instead, it had the standard Russian keyboard "ЙЦУКЕН".

I'm on a streak from the first day the beta opened, and while I still make a lot of mistakes and have to type a bit slowly, I am definitely learning the russian keyboard and can type without looking at a layout or stickers or anything, so it only took a month for me to be relatively proficient with it. Switching between english and russian is as easy and hitting shift+alt.


If you are using mac os x, there is a built-in virtual keyboard for any language. Pretty comfortable to use.


I agree. A virtual keyboard would be very nice. And, yes, I know you can flip your keyboard to Cyrillic. I have and I find it cumbersome. For me a virtual keyboard would be easier. Sometimes I get so annoyed with flipping the keyboard back and forth I just type a random letter when Russian is required, take the hit, and move on.


do ittttt cuz i agree with kellynut

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