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  5. "Han var holdets kaptajn."

"Han var holdets kaptajn."

Translation:He was the captain of the team.

December 5, 2015



In Danish it would be more appropriate to call the captain for 'anfører' than 'kaptajn' (that is mostly used in the military and the merchant navy)


You do NOT use an article here. He was captain of the team.


That's exactly what I think as well.


Are you saying in English you wouldn't use an article?


I always use articles in English in this sentence. "He is the captain." "He is a captain."


I actually disagree. I am a native english speaker and I think the sentence works with or without the article on captain, but personally, I would probably use the article. People might also say "team captain" instead of "captain of the team".


"He was captain of the team" is perfect English. No definite article is necessary or idiomatic. "He was the team captain" OR "He was team captain" also correct. Inserting the definite article presumes a context which is not indicated here, i.e. a question "was he the coach?" or the captain, goalie, etc. I am disappointed that the issue has not been addressed and corrected here; Danes have a reputation as the very best speakers of English as a second language.


Well, if you look at my post from four years ago the whole problem is that we wouldn't use kaptajn at all, but anfører. No need to start fixing something that is completely shattered to begin with...

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