"C'est la plus petite espèce de cette famille."

Translation:It is the smallest species of that family.

January 10, 2013

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Um, no idea what the english version of this phrase is supposed to mean. Do they have a number of types/species, of which this is the smallest one?


Suddenly occurred to me that we're talking about the scientific classification of animals e.g. the smallest animal in the dolphin family is the harbour porpoise, the largest animal in the cat family is the tiger etc.

Sorry if that was obvious to everyone already!


When used in this context, does "plus" always indicate "most"? (the dictionary has "more" but the answer didn't accept it)


If there would be 'plus petite que...' then it would be 'smaller than...' , but since it's stating 'la plus' it's equivalent to 'the most'


"plus" is "more", and "la plus" is "the most".


Thanks. I was confused, too. Nice and succinct explanation.


Question, should it also accept "it is the smallest species of seven families" which I answered "c'est la plus petite espèce de sept familles" in vocal exercises? It sounds exactly the same to me and I assume it's gramatically corect. Or am I wrong and I'm missing something?

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