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  5. "Ist die Natur heilig?"

"Ist die Natur heilig?"

Translation:Is nature holy?

December 5, 2015



Is nature holy? Just what does this sentence mean?


I think "Is nature sacred?" sounds much better in English. The German version is OK.


I agree. ‘Heilig’ can be used outside of a religious context to mean e.g. something which is so serious or important that it inspires awe or a heart-felt wish to protect it.

Der Name Beethoven ist heilig in der Kunst.

Kein Bike ist heilig – Kaichiro Kurosu macht aus Serienmotorrädern unverwechselbare Einzelstücke.

Qualität ist uns heilig.

Jedes Menschenleben soll heilig sein.


Food for thought: http://english.stackexchange.com/questions/84837/whats-the-difference-between-hallow-sacred-holy-and-saint That "holy" and "sacred" are synonyms from difference sources (Germanic and Romance, respectively) is clear: what is less clear is whether they are pretty much interchangeable, or whether there is a subtle difference in meaning.


Could be a reference to Pantheism or Animism. (Or not! I'm not even sure what those are.)


I was thinking of druids when I read this.


Or even a reference to earth-based spiritualities, like Druidism or Wicca.

Animism is the belief that everything is alive; all beings in the cosmos – rocks, animals, trees, stars, water, humans, insects, fire – have spiritual essence. The large spirits [of a mountain, a large river, the whole planet…] may be termed gods, but are actually only large and powerful spirits.

Pantheism is the belief that there is one supreme being/force who/which permeates all substance and all life; everything contains a spark of divinity, and everything is one; it locates God/ess strictly in the creation, in the immanent: "The tree is God. God is the tree; it experiences the cosmos as divine; divinity is immanent and non-personal.


Was anderes soll heilig sein…


Yes, especially the Potato! "Hilfe, die Pferd frisst die heilige Kartoffel!" :-)


My keyboard auto-corrected me to 'Is tge natre holee?'.


So much for machine intelligence.


Ja fur mich, Vielleicht es sollt fur Jedermann auch....


Die Natur ist das wertvollste Geschenk, das wir haben.


Everything we are and everything we have comes from Nature, so I say, emphatically, YES!


Why there is no alticle "the" before "nature"?

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