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Format of "Someone commented ..." Emails.

Does anyone else find the "Someone commented ..." emails a bit frustrating? Maybe it's just a "feature" of my email client, but this is how a typical message of this type appears for me:


As you can see the message content is obscured by the "View Discussion" and "Unfollow Discussion" buttons. Of course by clicking the former I can view the message in full, although with a little better formatting I would be able to read it straightaway (and not have to guess). Just a suggestion.

December 3, 2013



What email client are you using?


Hi Kristine, Calling it an "email client" is probably gilding the lily: I use a web browser and outlook.com. The screenshot I posted comes from a Blackberry Playbook using its stock browser although it looks exactly the same on a generic Android tablet with its stock browser. On my desktop machine, using the latest Windows version of Chrome, things are a little better: http://i.imgur.com/QuY2DJB.png.


I activated the Playbook's built-in email client and the same message viewed that way looks fine. I can probably find something for the Android tablet too. Perhaps I'm the only one who prefers to use webmail.

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