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Proposal for Russian lingot store : Russian sayings

I've heard that Russians like sayings - why not offer some packages that can be bought in the lingot store?

December 5, 2015



If we ever do skill or a page on Russian proverbs, we will try to do better than that. What always strikes me in lists like the one Master Russian has is the extremely low quality of the list itself and the lack of any research. I am sure I have never heard 45% of all proverbs listed in the 1st page. Some of the rest are rare proverbs of a kind you will only see in such lists and in proverb dictionaries. In general, only about a third of these are of any value to a learner.

Which raises a question of which list one should use in the first place. Most lists I see have a thousand proverbs with no ratings at all, i.e. expressions popular nowadays get mixed up with provebs that might have been popular in the 19th century at best.

I have read a paper based on a list of common Russian proverbs compiled by the author; but, apparently, either the scientists never published the list they made or the list is hard to find online.


Ни пу́ха, ни пера́. In English, it is considered bad luck for one actor to wish another "good luck", so they say "break a leg." I was reminded of this when I read the explanation for ни пуха, ни пера. Thanks for the links.


Unfortunately, I doubt that the Russian team will be able to add bonus skills at this time. It's not up to them anyway. It is up to Duolingo in Pittsburgh.


Your best bet would be to ask Cherub if such a thing could be added to the Memrise course. There's some sort of technical issue with bonus skills in incubated courses - I believe they've been written, but the folks at Duolingo HQ haven't made them available yet.

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