"He is a normal person, and that's good."

Translation:Он нормальный человек, и это хорошо.

December 5, 2015

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If we said он нормальный человек и этот хорош Would it still have the same meaning? And which one sounds better to a native :) Thanks

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    No, «этот» tranlsates 'this' when it's modifies some (masculine) noun. «Это» is used as a translation for 'this' when it's used as an independent pronoun, and not a modifier.

    When «этот» is used without a noun it modifies, it usually means the noun is implied. Here, it would be understood that «человек» is implied: 'He's a normal person, and this [one/person] is good, [too].'

    It doesn't sound natural in this meaning. Also, your sentence sounds sarcastic, because «хорош» about person is usually used in a sarcastic way (to say he's a good person, at least use a long form of adjective, «хороший», but better use «хороший человек» instead).

    I would understand «Он нормальный человек. И этот хорош» to mean that they «он» and «этот» did something wrong.


    But isnt хорош the short adjective form for masculine? But it is used for in a sarcastic sense? Wow i just knew that one haha

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      > But isnt хорош the short adjective form for masculine?

      Feminine short form, «хороша», is also likely to be understood in a sarcastic way.

      Or sometimes it can be used as an actual praise, but not with «этот». For some reason «и этот хорош» sounds sarcastic, I'm not sure why.


      I could be no more greatly insulted than to be told I was normal.- Anonymous


      This is impossible to type out with an english alphabet


      Actually, Duolingo accepts phonetic spellings, and if you look at the upper-left hand corner of the exercise, there should be a switch for a rough Latin alphabet transliteration.

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