"Jeg elsker barnet mitt."

Translation:I love my child.

December 5, 2015

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My problem is that it sounds like she is saying "barna mitt" not "barnet mitt" Is there or should there be any difference in the pronunciation?


I am still pretty new to this, but I think if they were saying "barna" then they would have to say "barna mine" instead of "barnet mitt". That may be one way to help differentiate between when it's "barna" and "barnet".


According to my boyfriend who's fluent, there's a really subtle difference. It takes a whole lot of time to discern the difference between them, and a whole lot more time to do it as second nature


So is it barnet because I'm referring to a specific child here?


The placement of the possessive changes the form of the noun. Jeg elsker mitt barn is legal although not that widespread in use (it's more poetic/dramatic). The possessive is mitt as the gender of the noun barn is neuter. It is the same child anyway. But mitt barn could imply there is some other child you don't love.

mitt barn possessive + indefinite

barnet mitt definite + possessive


Why use 'barnet mitt' and not 'meg barn' or 'barn meg'?


meg is not a possessive article, it's a personal pronoun, "me". Jeg - meg = "I - me"

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