Hi! I posted some questions/comments with some of the exercises in the French-learning area. I clicked on the Following-button, assuming I would then follow the answers, but I just saw that made me UNfollow them. How can I re-find my questions so that I can press the Follow button again? I would love to hear peoples reactions to my comments of course :-)

Thanks in advance!


December 3, 2013


You can go to your stream on your profile to see your recent activity, including comments that you have made.

This doesn't seem to be working in 2018. Is there a different way to do it now?

thanks! Found them :-)

I have a confusion about the turkish suffixes -çe, -ça -çi ,-çı and -ce, -ca ,-ci ,-cı that they are used for occupations but I don't know when to use -ç and -c

I woke up this morning, turned on Duolingo and found the layout had all changed and I think it is not as good as before. Can we have the old layout back please?

Why do you insist on literal translations and not coloquial ones. In your Spanish English course?

I’ve been losing “hearts” due to duolingo mistakes. For example, the platform uses “copine” to replace amie. The sentence to be translated was “she is my French friend”. My French husband said in this instance it is translated C’est mon amie française. First of all, copine means girlfriend, buddy, chum, and more importantly, NO ONE USES THAT EXPRESSION or WORD anymore. Annoying!!!!!!!!!! Refer to Collins Dictionary. Mon amie should be accepted as an alternative correct answer.

There’s a problem with the Paris 4 lessons. When asked to identify the picture of a singer, the algorithm doesn’t take either the masculine or the feminine translation. One is stuck in a mistake loop writing le chanteur or la chanteuse and getting them both wrong. Please fix

Hi guys, I wish duolingo put "persian language" in its native language list.. please duolingo..

Guys i wanna delete one of languages. How can i do it?

why is it that bad Comments are taken out. why don't you answer?

How does the quiz scoring work? How can I have answered all questions correctly and scored just 2.8?

I am having continual problems when finishing a French lesson. There is no usual fanfare and I wait for ages for the points to appear. They don't and I am not credited with the lesson, It is very discouraging. Has anyone else had this problem?

Duolingo literal translations.

Hi, I really love using duolingo but I noticed there’s one area that can be improved on which would not only form a deeper understanding of the languages we learn but also the cultures they come from. A lack of highlighting of words that have more literal definitions. For example I had an exercise in German asking me how to say “I am sorry” I would expect it to contain “ich bin” but instead it says “ Es tut mir Leid” which threw me for a loop. I dug a bit deeper online and found it literally translates to “it does me sorrow” which was an eye opener for new words. I know it’s not an easy suggestion to follow up on but it’s an enriching opportunity to say the least.

Eso occurio al principio de este siglo was answered as “that happened at the first of this century” and was marked wrong! Why? It means exactly the same thing as “the beginning” and “first” was even in the hints

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