"Jeg drikker hvit te."

Translation:I'm drinking white tea.

December 6, 2015

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What's white tea? I thought that I knew almost all teas but I've never heard of that one before


On the long march, the Chinese used that term to mean hot water, which was the only tea they had with them. But I doubt that would be what the Norwegians mean.


eh thats 白开水 which refers to hot water, however there is white tea though...

[deactivated user]

    Just another kind of tea, largely unprocessed. Silver needle is the most common version.


    We drink white tea in China. It is made from the youngest leaf tips and buds. Good white tea such as 'Silver Needle (a classic white tea in China)' has a smooth and slightly sweet taste...


    Why "red wine" is one world in norvegian and "white tea" is not?


    Maybe its my screen size but i got "te" split into 2 lines and i find it strange.. ;)

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