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  5. "Рад тебя видеть."

"Рад тебя видеть."

Translation:I am glad to see you.

December 6, 2015



I am struggling to see why this would imply the first person singular being the subject of this sentence. There is only an adjective, infinitive and a genitive serving as an object. Does this kind of structure always imply first person or can it be other things to depending on context?


It is a set phrase. If you mean a different person you have to say it but if you want to say "I am happy that..." or "I am sure that...", рад (рада) and уверен (уверена) are enough. Clichés work a bit different from sentences you make up freely.


Very clear thank you, when you first encounter something new, especially in a new grammatical context it's difficult to assess whether it is idiomatic or not


It accepted "Glad to see you." Yes!


So from what I understood рад is for masculine singular рада is for feminine singular рады is for plural Is that right?


Зачем здесь am?


Why is it not виду instead of Видет


It is an infinitive attached to рад ("glad to see you"). Though it does not tell much to those whose native language does not have infinitives :)

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