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"Han har tjue minutter seg."

Translation:He has twenty minutes to go.

December 6, 2015



Is this a common phrase in Norwegian? To say "minutter på seg"?

For example if you want to say that he has 10 minutes left to complete a task, would it be "han har ti minutter på seg?


minutter på seg will of course change with the objects involved.

Jeg har tjue minutter på meg.

Du har tjue minutter på deg.

Hun/Han/Det har tjue minutter på seg.

Vi har tjue minutter på oss.

Dere har tjue minutter på dere.

De har tjue minutter på seg.


That's correct. Or you could say "Han har ti minutter på å fullføre oppgaven", if you wanted to specify what needed to be completed.


Would this also work to indicate he has twenty minutes alone, as in, he has twenty minutes 'to himself'?


If wanting to say it was to himself, you need the "self" too. Normally for seg selv, which indicates he is indeed alone. Han har tjue minutter for seg selv.

Or if he spends these 20 minutes doing his own business, as opposed to usually having to take care of the kids. Someone came to give him a helping hand, now he has 20 minutes on his own to fix his hair and get dressed before leaving (in relative calm). The aunt is playing with the kids while they're all waiting for him. Han har tjue minutter til/på seg selv.


tusen takk, vennen min


Would "Han har tjue minutter igjen" have the same meaning?


Why not twenty minutes remaining? Why is remaining wrong?


Because, like in English, that is similar but not the same. På Norsk, "Det er tjue minutter igjen." is the equivalent to your phrase.


I wrote, "He is wearing twenty minutes." Guess this is a new phrase for me!

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