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  5. "We are at home again."

"We are at home again."

Translation:Мы снова дома.

December 6, 2015



Why is Мы дома снова wrong?


It doesn't sound natural.


I thought word order doesn't matter so why is it wrong to swap the last two words around?


i put Мы дома ещё раз As far as I know ещё раз means again, once more but it was not accepted


«ещё раз» literally means "one more time"; it is used in contexts when some action is repeated (он ещё раз упал) or is required to be repeated (Можете сказать ещё раз?) It is not used as a generic replacement for "again" when it implies "same as before" (which does not require an action—and "at home" is not an action). In greetings, maybe. I heard it.

Also, note the word order. The Russian word order is more flexible than in English but we try to stick to more natural wording in our sentences.


Why cant i use опять instead of снова here??


Мы снова домой is not accepted for some reason


Домой is an adverb meaning "homewards". You need дома here, which means "at home". I believe дома is an established shortening of у дома, just like in English we often just say "I'm home" rather than "I'm at home".


Is "мы вновь дома" wrong?


Is it wrong to say мы дома опять?

[deactivated user]

    It is ok! But "мы опять дома" sounds better.

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