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Issues with Russian placement test

Hello everybody, First of all thanks for the amazing job you did so far. I've been waiting the Russian course so long and I'm thrilled to finally start.

About the issue: I did the placement test and did a couple of mistakes, overall I was right 2/3 of the times... still at the end of the test it said to me that I didn't have any skill and sent me back to learn the alphabet. I might not be proficient in Russian but I'm somewere around a B1 level, and for sure I know the alphabet and I tiped everything in cyrillic during the test. That's why I don't understand why it sent me back to the basics.

Any idea on the causes of this?

Thank you.

December 6, 2015




I have the same problem.. I've been trying to understand and speak russian for over a year now. I've done the complete Rosetta Stone course, now I'm doing Pimsleur, once in awhile I read russian texts and I a few course-things online too. Although I'm not super good at writing, I type in cyrillic, and made a few mistakes, some which I'm not sure should have been marked a mistake (like отец in stead of папа). I think it's strange that I should start at the very beginning, because I made some typo's, while I was able to translate every sentence, from E-R and from R-E, with ease. For me this means that I will not enjoy the first few hours (at least) of the course, or it will even discourage me to start with the course at all... after all I don't like to waste my time (again) with the very basics to maybe pick up only a few correct writings, which I'm not even interested in. I'm interested in communicating...

I hope this will be changed in the future.. I like the Spanish version of the course, so I hope to enjoy the Russian version too!

Groetjes, Esther


The placement test automatically changes level according to your answers and speed. What kind of questions were you getting at the end of the test? If they were basic – well, then the level you showed is basic. You can remove Russian from your account and add it again to try the test one more time.


You typed"everything" in Cyrillic? Some of the answers need to be given in English, don't they?


I only typed in cyrillic when it was required. For translations I switched to latin alphabet. In any case I got a majority of correct answers (I was getting green positive feedback plus the "success" sound), but once the test was over it said "you have no skills" and made me start from the alphabet. In any case I quickly tested again my skills and moved to level 2 easily. It is just an issue concerning the very first placement test.

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