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"У меня тёплая куртка и тёплый свитер."

Translation:I have a warm jacket and a warm sweater.

December 6, 2015



Why does it keep saying I need the second article in sentences like this? As far as I'm concerned, it's fine in English to say: "I have a warm jacket and warm sweater", and it would be even more natural to drop the repetition of the adjective too, and just say: "I have a warm jacket and sweater". (I do understand that you can't drop the second adjective in Russian, as then you wouldn't have adjectival agreement, but we don't have to worry about that in English.)


I agree. I reported that "I have a warm jacket and sweater" should be accepted.


It's more about technicalities. It's technically incorrect to drop the second article, even though it's something we do when we're speaking. Report it as something that should have been accepted and see what happens.


I couldn't have said it better myself, especially in regards to the repetition of the adjective, as it makes the translation sound really odd to me. Unfortunately though, as of now, your suggestion still isn't accepted.


In this (and just say: "I have a warm jacket and sweater") case either "тёплая куртка и тёплый свитер" or "тёплые куртка и свитер".


In English you can modify two or more nouns by placing the adjective before the first. It's implied that the sweater is also warm. :)

I reported that "I have a warm jacket and sweater" should be accepted.


This would be "у меня тёплые (plural) куртка и свитер"


Bravo, thank you for the clarification. :)


Why is "I have a warm jacket and sweater" still not accepted? There have been a lot of posts about this, and it is very irritating to be regularly told one is wrong, when it is simply a more elegant English translation! The only need in English to put an adjective before the second noun would be if the adjective were different to the first one!


I don't know, I'm from the US - if I see "I have a warm jacket and sweater", I get the feeling that it's a fancy 2-in-1 jacket that can convert to be a sweat. Using two articles clearly defines both objects as separate of one another.


I'm from the US. I would never think it was a two in one. I would know thet were separate articles of clothing.


Why is jacket and sweater affect the ending of the word 'warm'? What is the rule behind it?

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