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  5. "I wish I were a doctor."

"I wish I were a doctor."

Translation:Keşke doktor olsaydım.

December 6, 2015



Please compare olsaydim with olursam? I was thinking that "I wish I were" means you could still become a doctor, so I went with an aorist tense, not the past.

Maybe olaydim suggests "that I had become"? In which case, now it's too late, the chance is past.

If olursam is correct in its form, keşke onu ekleceksen! Because other English speakers will also find that "were" suggests a remaining possibility.


Olsaydım still suggests some possibility as well. So it's best to translate it as 'If I I were' or 'I wish I were'.

Olursam suggests a great possibility. It means there is definitely a chance in the future and it actually refers to this possibility in the future. So I think it should translate to 'If I become/get'

Olmuş olsaydım is used when it's too late so it can translate to 'If I had been/become' or 'I wish I had been/become'.


Olaydım can be used when it's too late as well so it's an alternative to Olmuş olsaydım. But it's originally the alternative of 'olsaydım' in other dialects so people from other dialects use it as an alternative to 'olsaydım' and the spearkers of Istanbul Turkish use it informally to sound a bit funny and slangy so I wouldn't recommend using it much.


Unfortunately my chances of trying it out in Istanbul are right between sifir and yok, but thanks---good notes for others.

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Can 'umarım' be used for 'I wish'?


Nope, "umarım" means "I hope." :)


What is the difference between "Keşke doktor olsaydım" and "Keşke doktor olsam", please?


'olsaydım' means a regret for something of past. For example you have become an engineer but regret your decision and think being a doctor would be better. 'olsam' means a wish for current timeline and a hope for future. While you still have a chance to be a doctor, you want to be a doctor or you would like to see yourself as a doctor etc.


"keşke doktor olsam ?


What is difference between "oleydim" and "olsaydım"??


Can -sa not attach to a noun? Like, "I am a doctor" would be doktorum, but can you say doktorsaydım for "If I were a doctor"?


It's not doktorsaydım it's doktor olsaydım


You can't attach -sa to a noun. -sa is "if"


Keşke only for İ wish or also you/we/they/etc wish as well???


Should it be : "I wish i was a doctor"?


I guess it should be: "I wish i was a doctor" "Was" instead of "were"..?

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