"У мамы нет брата."

Translation:Mom does not have a brother.

December 6, 2015



why " Mom has no brothers " is not acceptable ? if it is wrong what is the difference ?

December 6, 2015


because when showing negation (using нет) the subject (брат) is the singular genitive form, which is брата. if they meant "brothers," it would be in the plural genitive form, which i think is братьев

December 7, 2015


Literally translated it should be singular, but in normal English "Mom has no brothers" sounds far better than "...brother". When using "no" to show an absence of something, the object is usually plural, even when showing the absence of one thing. eg "There are no options", "He has no coins"

March 18, 2016


I too find this very difficult

December 7, 2015


Literary the translation would be along: (By mom) there is not brother.

Brat is one brother and brata is its genitive

April 9, 2016


Why do both words "Mom" AND "Brother" have to be in the genitive case?

May 7, 2016


The preposition "У" makes the noun Мама take the genitive, and whenever you are saying there is an absence of something, in this case brothers, the noun will also take the genitive.

May 7, 2016


мама or мамы ?

January 5, 2016


Мамы, I believe is the genitive form of мама

January 6, 2016


You are correct. :-D

March 26, 2016


i dont understand why it is мамы instead of мама... also i dont understand why there is no есть.... isnt it supposed to be у ( ) есть нет....??

May 26, 2016


When using the У (noun) есть (thing) construction, the noun becomes genitive to show which noun owns the thing. Don't have a good explanation for the есть part, but in my experience it's usually omitted.

May 26, 2016


same problem here - why no есть ? really puzzled, I thought I was starting to come to grips with that structure...

August 14, 2016


Нет takes the place of есть when you are negating having something. Just like есть means have, нет means don't have. Also if you're wondering, the "у" in these means there is so у меня есть means there is something I have.

May 29, 2018


With у, you have to use a gentive

January 12, 2016


When is it "the" + subject versus just subject? For example, "U mamy" here is just "Mom" whereas in other statements, "U mal'chik" is "THE boy". What's the difference? Why not "the mom"?

August 23, 2016


You should 100% be able to say "The mom doesn't have a brother" in this sentence - in English it is optional to have the article, it just depends on what you're trying to say.

January 12, 2017


What's the difference between brat and brata? They both mean brother. I'm also seeing a lot of 'different words with the same meaning and just a little sound change'. Please help

February 1, 2017


Please read the other comments on this page, and on others. TL;DR - all adjectives and nouns in Russian decline based on grammatical case, you can read about them on many different sites including Wikipedia.

February 1, 2017


Why is it брата, not браты?

November 11, 2016

  1. There is no word браты.
  2. It has to be in genitive case, as you're demonstrating the lack or absence of a brother with нет.
January 12, 2017


so, i can put mama when i write it, but on this one, it says i can't. why not?

April 19, 2017


the brotha from anotha motha

December 13, 2018


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