"Нам всем страшно."

Translation:We are all scared.

December 6, 2015

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"весь" is a curious little word that can act as a pronoun or adjective. I think here it is an adjective and is being used the same way we English speakers use it when we say "we all." I don't know why DL separated those two words because the literal translation works fine as, "We all are afraid."


How would you say: We are scared of everything/everyone.?


Мы всего боимся/Мы боимся всех. You wouldn't be wrong to say "Нам всё/все страшно".


Are нам and всем connected here? What declensions are used, and why?


@MichalaK_EU: Yes, it is the dative case versions of "мы" and "все". An example in the nominative case would be Мы все рады - We are all happy.

I see that you study German, so it's sort of the same principle as "Es ist mir kalt" (in Russian it's actually the same - мне холодно).


Thanks, now I understand the connection between Нам and всем.

Indeed, in German one can use the same pattern starting with the dative: "Uns allen ist ängstlich (zumute)."


I missed the similarity despite being German. I love how we learn our own language by learning another. Supposedly, the great Goethe once said, "Whosoever speaks only one language, speaks none".


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How better does it sound: We are all scared or We all are scared ?


I think "We are all scared". "We all are scared" sounds rather poetic or philosophical. It could also be used to emphasize the "all" part ("I am scared" - "We all are scared".) So... more limited usage in my opinion.


I think "we all are scared" would be understood, but it is very awkward, and I think most English teachers might consider it incorrect.
"We are all scared" is MUCH more natural. Another alternative would be "All of us are scared."

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