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Norwegian TV shows / movies?

Does anyone have some recommendations for TV shows / movies spoken in Norwegian? I'd like to practice my listening skills :) Thanks in advance!

December 6, 2015



TV series: Dag (comedy), Kampen om tungtvannet (WW2), Halvbroren (based on Lars Saabye Christensen's novel)

They're all excellent.

Lilyhammer: If you can look past the extremely boring main character and the illogically portrayed dialogues, there are plenty of funny moments with lots of self irony towards Norwegian society.


I also recommend Lilyhammer. It has both English and Norwegian in it but it's still really useful and it's on Netflix


movies: max manus , kongen av Bastøy , Hodejegerne , reprise , Oslo 31. august



Those are some really good recommendations: I like the genre, good IMDB rating. I'll watch them, thanks a lot :)


Oslo 31. august is incredibly sad. Be forewarned.


I’m not sure how good it is for learning the language, but a few years ago I quite enjoyed the Trolljegeren. I plan to rewatch it soon to see how much I can understand. :)


For tv shows, I have very much enjoyed my TV2 subscription, and you can really find something for all tastes with what is available on there. As for movies, in addition to what people have already suggested, there are of course Trollhunter, Buddy, and Kon Tiki. I had watched all 3 on Netflix in the past but am not sure if they are still there, as it has been awhile. The first two may not be to everyone's taste, so just throwing them out there (to be fair, I only watched Buddy because I am a huge Anders Baasmo Christiansen fan :D). Also, in my opinion, a great series called Frikjent - totally not into crime/ mystery shows, but that one stuck from day one for some reason. You get to practice listening to several dialects in that series. That is found on TV2 as well.

Final suggestion: https://tv.nrk.no/programmer/utland this is a selection of programming that you can watch on NRK completely for free, without a subscription or anything. There is a huge variety to choose from.


The "Himmelblå" series was quite popular, I haven't watched the entire thing but from what I did watch it was very beautiful and emotional. My fave Norwegian movie is "Engelen" (The Angel), based on a true story about a drug addicted mother and how her childhood made her the person she is today.



On Netflix, I just recently watched a good movie in Norwegian with subtitles called "Battle." I also started this show on Netflix called "Ragnarok" which is pretty interesting. Myself is trying to find TV shows/movies in Norwegian as well, so any recommendations would be appreciated!

Have a wonderful day!

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