"Моя професія - психолог."

Translation:I am a psychologist by profession.

December 6, 2015

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Is it grammatically correct in English? Feels awkward.


As a native English speaker, I would not say "My profession is a psychologist". I would say "My profession is psychology" or "I am a psychologist, by profession"


Is it grammatically correct to say "My profession is psychologist" (without "a")? To me it seems weird, but I have many people reporting it. Just need to figure out whether those are native speakers or non-native speakers with bad English and too much confidence in their own language skills xD


I am a native speaker, with a degree in English, and I would agree with you. It's not exactly wrong but it doesn't flow. The best translation is the given one, "I am a psychologist by profession," or "by profession I am a psychologist"


Wait. "It's not exactly wrong" means it's grammatically correct? Skipping "a" as in "My profession is psychologist". Is it grammatically correct? If it is, even if it's not common, I have to add it.


Final decision, the only correct answers are:

  • I am a psychologist by profession.

  • I am a professional psychologist.

  • My profession is psychology.


"I am a professional psychologist" would be "Я професійний психолог".


As a native speaker, I would say no. It does not sound right to me.


I am a psychologist by profession = Я психолог за професією. Моя прфесія - психолог = my profession is a psychologist


Of all the Duolingo courses I have tried, Ukrainian is the most rubbish, with no end of correct English sentences marked wrong, and incorrect ones enforced as being right. Reported improvements never seem to happen, unlike on other courses. You make it all look so amateur!


In recent weeks I'm happy to say that I have had responses to reported errors. Thank you :)


I'm really trying to work on it, thanks! <3

It IS rubbish. As I've commented somewhere else, some sections have up to 1000 reports from years ago, nobody has been working on them, the first sections have tons of mistakes which I assume demotivates newcomers a lot, many exercises have just ONE default translation and no alternative phrasings, word order or meanings because... I don't know why! Because nobody just sat there for a minute and thought about other possible meanings or phrasings....

It's very frustrating :/ But I hope it will be better.

Personally, I would also remove some confusing words that only people living in Ukrain would know (like сало, маршрутка, каша etc) and replace them with vocab users can relate to; I would move the Numbers sections down the tree not to shock new people with cases and very long words... But I'm not in charge of this :')


Дякуємо за вашу роботу!


My profession is a psychologist. This is the exact translation

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"Я психолог за професією" має бути

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