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"Biz biraz bahçede oturacağız."

Translation:We will sit in the garden for a bit.

December 6, 2015



I can't hear the rest of the vowels in "oturacağız"; it sounds like "oturcaz". Is that how Turkish speakers commonly pronounce the future tense?


If you listen carefully you will hear -a-ız. It is not stressed as much as i, which is as it should be.


Why is "We will sit in the garden a little" wrong?


I think it should be accepted, you could report it


Little = küçük. Biraz = bit. It really depends on the sentence. Biraz has its root in 'bir - az'. Something less than the whole. In English we use the expression 'just a little bit more' to accentuate without repetition. Nobody accepts 'just a bit bit more'. In Turkish you try to use words one-to-one, unless tradition dictates otherwise.

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