"Sen neredeyse her sabah kahve içersin."

Translation:You drink coffee almost every morning.

December 6, 2015

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is nerede related to neredeyse in any way? i want to think of neredeyse as "anywhere" or "wherever"


Yeah they are absolutely related and it also means 'wherever he/she/it is'. But we don't feel that connection much sentimentally. It's a phrase!

Neredeyse bulacağım onu. -> I'm almost finding him.
Neredeyse bulacağım onu. -> I will find him wherever he is.


You drink coffee (almost every morning). You (almost every morning) drink coffee. Question to the experts: almost every morning is modifying what? You or drinking coffee? Please someone knowledgable explain.


You asked for someone knowledgeable. Well, my knowledge is quite limited, but I'll try anyway. Since it is an adverbial phrase, "almost every morning" to my understanding technically can only refer to or modify an adjective or a verb, so in this case "drinking" (coffee). Although I still do not know if and how you would express "you, not I doing something in a specific way (=every morning)" as opposed to "you doing this, not that in a specific way" - if that was at the heart of your question. I leave that answer to someone more knowledgeable.

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