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  5. "Wir brauchen Eier."

"Wir brauchen Eier."

Translation:We need eggs.

December 6, 2015



typing "WE REQUIRE EGGS" is perfectly acceptable, and i love that


I concur. Isn't it splendid fun to utilize a large word when a diminutive one will do?


Unnecessarily extentuated sentences are, in my personal opinion, an extremely useful though unfortunately infrequently used portion of language.


Indeed it is so, my compatriots in the art of eloquence. ;)


You aren't using "diminutive" correctly! That's the problem when people below truly C2 level in a language, try to use uncommon or 'fancy' words.

Diminutive= is a word modified to convey a slighter degree of its root meaning, to convey the smallness of the object or quality named, or to convey a sense of intimacy or endearment. in many languages, such forms can be translated as "little" and diminutives can also be formed as multi-word constructions such as 'Tiny Tim'.


Also in the following comment- "extentuated" isn't a word. I'm all for simplicity. Let's not confuse kids here by abusing English, just to sound like a (as my friend would say) smarta$$.


I wrote "we need balls". Technically that isn't incorrect either.


Can't tell if that's supposed to be sarcastic, but i'll just answer it anyways, lol. Eier in German can either mean "eggs" (as in the the type you eat for breakfast) and "Balls/Eggs" as in "testicles". Same thing can be applied to Spanish. Huevos in Spanish means "eggs/balls" both the breakfast word and the testicular meaning,


Anyone else catch the reference here?

"Eier! Wir brauchen Eier!" - Oliver Kahn


I was thinking of the end of "Annie Hall"


That sentence was my first idea.


It's actually translates to. "Peter, we need eggs" -Aunt May


Perhaps they are making a cake...?


Yes, blessedly, all eggs on the planet do not survive the life cycle, otherwise who knows what would be the outcome of every uvum being fertilized and thriving into adulthood.

There would be astonishing specie population explosions and collapses. What defined a plague and plaque would be unrecognizable and be rewritten.


Is there another way to say this? For example, could I say "Uns fehlen Eier?" In the dialect I speak (low German), this is the expression we would use.


"My life for eier" from StarCraft takes on a whole new meaning


We definitely don't. I'm not so fond of heart disease.


No we don't, we can live perfectly well without it :)


why is it saying this is wrong when i type- We want eggs


'Want' is something you would like to have. 'Need' is something you must have. I want chocolate. I need oxygen. ☺


Im no expert but, in english, need and want are two different things. I think "Wir wollen Eier" is "we want eggs". I think...


Also means "we need balls".


Oli Kahn hatte es auch schon einmal gesagt


Sorry! I cannot answer when I hear no audio from your machine.

There is nothing wrong with my computer, I can hear all the other questions. What do I do, make a note of the translation then type that in when it comes up again?


The pronunciation of "Eier" here is much more understandable than in the question "Magst du Eier?"


why didn't the say wir normaly


Why is there no "das Eier" in this sentence? I thought i heard " Wir brauhen ihr", "We need you". Wont all nouns need a the in front?

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