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  5. "Yes, I study here."

"Yes, I study here."

Translation:Да, я учусь здесь.

December 6, 2015



Why wrong "да, я учусь тут"? It means "I study here, not there"


It worked for me


Is there another question where they use the context of "Я здесь изучаю"?


Why this word order?


Why not "Да. Я учиться здесь."?


Учиться is the infinitive of the verb. It needs to be in the first person singular conjugation which is учусь.


This form could be used in such sentence: "я хочу учиться здесь"="I want to learn here".


Is да я здесь изучаю wrong?


Yes, wrong. You will never hear a russian saying «да, я здесь изучаю».


Can you elaborate a little?


It would be followed by the subject that one studies then.

Example: Да, я здесь изучаю английский язык.


Since Russian is a highly inflected language and учусь is the first person singular of the verb, and so cannot be confused with any other form of the verb, why is it necessary to add "я" ? Our esteemed censor marked it wrong when I omitted the "я".


Though it's true and sometimes personal pronouns can be omitted in Russian, it is too hard for not native speakers to decide can it be omitted or not in a certain case. So if you don't sure, it would be better to always use personal pronouns in sentences. It will be correct and understandable.

Here's a sample with учучсь without personal pronouns:

-Привет, не ожидал тебя встретить, ты что здесь делаешь?

-Учусь здесь.

-На кого учишься?

-На токаря.


Russian isn't a pro-drop language to the same extent Spanish and Latin are. There are certain cases in Russian where you can drop the pronoun, but as a general rule you can't.

Though I would like a mod to chime in and tell us when dropping a pronoun is okay in formal, written Russian. Because though English is a strictly non-pro-drop language, that doesn't stop English speakers from dropping pronouns in colloquial discourse. E.g.:

"Want to go to the park?"

"Can't. Got stuff to do today."


Would "tut" be wrong in this sentence?


No, it would be ok. Я тут учусь.


I answered "Я учусь тут" and was marked incorrect. Why does тут need to be before, and not after? Until now I thought they were completely interchangeable.


With or without "Да,"?

I would still say that they are interchangeable. Placing both "здесь" and "тут" at the end or in the middle of a sentence slightly affects its meaning in exactly the same way. "Я здесь/тут учусь" looks more like a neutral statement. In "Я учусь здесь/тут" "здесь/тут" becomes stressed.

It seems that the main Russian translation above has been altered since the moment that you asked your question.


"Тут" isn't "over there or there" ?


You probably mean "там" which is indeed "there".

"Тут" is an informal version of "здесь" and they both mean "here".


Perfect ! Thanks for your help !


Over there is "там"


what is the difference between учу и учусь?


"Я тут учу ... (что?/what?) - Russian/English/German whatever" vs. "Я тут учусь." (In general. It doesn't require clarification).

Edit: though you can actually clarify it too: "Я тут учусь русскому (языку)" is an absolutely correct sentence.


so if I use учусь clarification on what I am studying is optional. using учу required that clarification?

Can is also mean "to teach"?


Я учусь в этой школе/в этом университете. (Is almost the same as "I attend this school/university" but not literally. The literal translation is I learn/study there).

Я учусь русскому языку. (I am learning Russian) Also Я учу русский язык.

Я учу русскому языку. (I teach Russian)

Edit: The more I attempt to answer, the more complicated it seems to get even for me :-)


I think I understand. учусь - is for I am learning, and also used in the context that you go to a school, implying that you are a student.

учу - is that you are teaching something


Я учу русский язык = I am learning Russian (it's probably the most frequent way of saying it).

Я учу русскому языку = I teach Russian

Whenever you use учусь it is you who is learning (the only question can be where or what).

If I fail to cover it in one comment feel free to ask more questions. Also on my stream.


using the wordbank, the word "тут" is offered, the word "здесь" is not, but the "correct" answer is the above shown answer.


Да я здесь изучаю, what's wrong ?? I reported it

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