"I have had a dog before."

Translation:Jeg har hatt en hund før.

December 7, 2015

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Isnt there a "en" missing in the solution?


Hvorfor ikke har hadde?


"Had" as a past participle is a different word in Norwegian than "had" in the simple past. It's confusing for English speakers because it's the same word in our language.


Hi Luke, Could you please give a couple of examples? I am still struggling to grasp the idea of two versions of "had".

  • i wrote a letter: jeg skrev et brev
  • i have/had written a letter: jeg har/hadde skrevet et brev

we have separate conjugations for simple past (wrote) and the past participle (written) in English too. we just don't for the verb to have, where Norwegian does for å ha.

  • å ha, har, hadde, har hatt: to have, have, had, have had
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