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  5. "Do you like our district?"

"Do you like our district?"

Translation:Тебе нравится наш район?

December 7, 2015



Why doesn't "Ты любишь наш район" work here?


Same. I answered, "Любите ли вы наш район," but was marked WRONG. Why can that not be used here?


наш / наший вчем разнится whats the difference?


"наш" is the masculine accusative form of the first person plural possessive pronoun (i.e. "our"), and must be used here because "our district" is the object of the sentence, and is hence in the accusative. I'm not too sure what 'наший' is, do you mean "нашей"? If so, "наший" is the feminine genitive, dative, instrumental and prepositional first person plural possessive pronoun, and wouldn't be used here.

See this link (and Wikitionary in general; it's very helpful) for the full declension table of наш: https://en.wiktionary.org/wiki/%D0%BD%D0%B0%D1%88#Russian


Спасибо вам !


I feel like район phonetically would translate better into, "region"


We have the word "регион" for that.

I believe "район" and "region" can occasionally mean the same thing, but I wouldn't call it the best translation of the word without the context.

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