"Что этой девочке нужно?"

Translation:What does this girl need?

December 7, 2015

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I don't understand why it is 'нужно' and not 'нужна'?


"Нужно" agrees with the object that's needed ("что"), not the person who needs it.


Ahh I see. Thank you :-)


Although grammatically speaking the person is the object and что is the subject.


Are all pronouns considered neuter, then? What about the ones with obvious genders like он/она?


No, as Berniebud said, it's agreeing with что, which is specifically a neuter word, although like I said it's the subject, not the object of the sentence.


I answered "what does this girl need". The computer accepted it, but assured me that "that girl" was also correct, and in fact I see from the above that "that girl" is the preferred answer. If этот, тот, эта can mean either "this" or "that", when is the use of это, то, та obligatory? And,, since это seems to be quite generally used, when is the use of этот obligatory?


You'll probably find olimo's guide to это helpful. https://www.duolingo.com/comment/11536858

The one thing it doesn't explain is the difference between этот and тот. Fortunately that's fairly simple, этот translates as "this" and тот as "that", but тот isn't generally used except when contrasting this and that, so in most cases you'll use a form of этот.


There's a video on the difference between unchanging это and этот/эта/это/эти here: https://youtu.be/aIi2_gD7hFU

I think 'this' or 'that' can both be acceptable translations depending on the context.


That does not sound like этой!


If "Что" is the subject, doesn't that make "that girl" the object, and thus accusative? I don't see why it should be the dative case.


этой девочке is the indirect object, so it's in the dative case: something like "what is necessary to the girl?" This is similar to how the dative is often used when there is no subject at all (subjectless, or impersonal expressions) - there's a video on those here: https://youtu.be/PR5iOYybOdc


Which word are you asking about? If you mean "'этой девочке", dative case.


the correct pronounciation is нУжно


“What’s this girl need?” was marked wrong?!


"What's" is an abbreviation for "what is," but "what is this girl need?" wouldn't make sense in English; Duolingo (correctly) expects "What does this girl need?"


Is it possible to say Что нужио этой левочке? I was marked wrong for this, but I trying to understand why it is incorrect.


I wrote "want" instead of "need" by accident, but it was still marked right. Can "нужно" also mean "want"?


In this particular context, yes, it can. There is a practice of asking "что (тебе/ему/её/etc.) нужно?" when the speaker actually means "what do (you/he/she/etc.) want?". It's not the literal meaning of the phrase but it's how it's used.

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