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Any Turkish Speakers in Portland (OR) area (USA)?

Well, that pretty much says it all :) - I would love to find a Turkish speaker in the Portland OR area in the US. I am just starting to learn Turkish. It is a beautiful language and I want to hear the language spoken from a "live" person just once. I can also help with English and German if that would be helpful.

December 7, 2015


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Have you tried contacting the organizers of this meet up: http://www.meetup.com/Turkish-Language-Class-in-Portland/

I would also suggest googling "Turkish Student Organization/Association" for the universities near you. If that doesn't turn something up you can try contacting their international student offices to ask if they know of anyone who would appreciate getting help with English/German in exchange for Turkish lessons (you can also try offering free lunch to anyone interested which will probably look attractive to graduate students).


Great ideas! Thanks much!! I will definitely check those suggestions out.


Hi my name is Marina. I live in Vancouver WA. I also just started learning turkish.


Hi Marina, good luck to you with this language! I think the beginning is the hardest so I am taking my time there. - I don't think we can help each other much.... the blind leading the blind :) But if you find a Turkish-speaking person in your area who is interested to spend some time with you, that would be great. I should spread my search to WA too. - Contact me anytime you want to. In the meantime, good luck!!

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