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"Yo habré encontrado el restaurante."

Translation:I will have found the restaurant.

January 10, 2013



What does this even mean? I don't understand any of this when transitioned to english


Carol, get your clothes on and call a cab. Ted and Alice are in town, and they want to treat us to dinner at some fancy new place called El Bistro on East Podunk Street. I'm stuck in traffic, but with any luck I will have found the restaurant by the time you get there.


❤❤❤❤❤❤ Carol, why you always naked walking around


Carol, ponte la ropa y llama a un taxi. Ted y Alice están en la ciudad, y quieren tratarnos con una cena en algún nuevo y elegante lugar llamado El Bistro en East Podunk Street. Estoy atrapado en el tráfico, pero con cualquier suerte habré encontrado el restaurante por el tiempo que llegues allí.


AnnRon: ¡Excelente!


"By then...I will have found the restaurant".


By that do you mean 'Por entonces yo habre encontrado el restaurante'? (sorry for the lack of accent marks)


It's an hypothetic situation in an unreal future


Should not it imply 'would'?


"Would" is more of a past tense, and would probably use the conditional tense. For the future, it's 'will have'



Interesting comments all, but ...

"I will have found the restaurant" as a stand alone statement is clumsy.

Almost better would be "I will find the restaurant" (which is wrong, BTW)

Otherwise, it sounds like you are saying "One day in the future, I will have found the restaurant when it will be my past at that time."

It's kind of like an athlete saying "One day I will have won the championship".


Isn't "I am going to have found the restaurant" synonymous with "I will have found the restaurant?"


Why is it Yo habré muerto but not, yo habré encontra el restaurante???


Are you referring to the past participle of "encontrar?" It's not "encontra" but "encontrado." The past participle of "morir" is "muerto" -- which means, past participes also vary a lot, although in Spanish most of them use the ending "ado/ada - ados/adas.".


I will have the restaurant found. This way at least it sounds like a proper english sentence.


How about I would have found the restaurant if i was given the correct address. Or I will find the restaurant by using my GPS. Duo needs to 1. Learn proper English for correct translations that make sense. And 2. Translate full and complete sentences, how people actually talk. Duo, learn your tenses!

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