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  5. "Hello you two."

"Hello you two."

Translation:Hallo ihr beiden.

January 10, 2013



Why is it "beiden" and not "beide"?


Might be an error. Directly from dict.cc:

"the two of you" -- "ihr beide"

One thing is for sure: the use of beide and beiden has to be made more clear on DL as it is confusing.


Not just confusing; also potentially misleading. It's as if a teacher consistently mispronounced a word.


I second the question. Contrast this sentence with "Ihr beide, bitte!". Help?


I have the same question, looking forward to some help.


"Beiden" is used when preceded by an article, and "Beide" when not.

Source: http://forum.wordreference.com/showthread.php?t=1054658


If that's the case, then isn't this exercise wrong? It tells me the right answer is "beiden".

EDIT: Is it because it's a nominative?


Ok, so looking back at my comment I'm not sure what I was thinking... Perhaps "you" or "ihr" is playing the role of an article? I am now joining the confused camp. I hope your happy.


Lol. Yes, thoroughly happy. :P I've noticed this sort of thing elsewhere, as well, in that it seems "you" plays the role of an article, ... no idea as to whether that's the case, however.

I know this is a bit lame, but I went on Google and put in something simple that Google shouldn't manage to screw up: "You two" to which it answered either "Ihr beide" OR "Ihr beiden", so, ... perhaps it can go either way?


It may be dative case here: hello (to) you both. Dative has -n even with no article


Should the "ihr" be capitalized?


This is my question as well. I tried Hallo Sie beiden"" and that wasn't right, so I tried Hallo Ihre beiden"", and that wasn't right either, but I can't see that uncapitolized "ihr" means anything but "she" or "they"


As far as I know, ihr is her/their, and Ihr is you/your, so, assuming I'm right, then yeah, it should be capitalized.


What is wrong with "Hallo sie beiden"?


Because it would be 'Hallo Sie beiden'. Sie must be capitalised to make that work. 'sie' means 'she' if it isn't capitalised. Also it isn't very formal anyway, even in English you wouldn't walk up to two people that you don't know and say 'Hello you two'.


Yeah, I can't quite picture saying that to someone, formally, ... I tried thinking about it, imagining a situation, but in a full-on formal setting, it would seem a little, ... "off". Disrespectful, perhaps.


It is my understanding that German has different standards of formality than English and that informal is normally reserved for very close friends and family. I think it would be appropriate therefore to say 'Hallo Sie zwei' to two colleagues or acquaintances who you know but don't know really well.


Good question - I wrote down Sie beide in my notebook when duo first taught me 'you two.'


I guess we shold use PLURAL DATIVE. Right? Somekind of : Hello FOR you


why not: Hallo, biden ihr?


Because it's spelled beide(n). There's also a word-order thing, but I myself am not sure why it is the way it is, just that is, ... the way it is, ... which it is, ... as it is, ... and will always, ... be. xD


Why is the number two represented as "beiden" here?


A clearer translation would be 'Hello both of you' or 'Hello the two of you', that's what 'beide' actually means. I just don't think someone would say that in english, so duos translations seems more appropriate to me.


In English you can say, "Greetings/Salutations/Hello to the both/two of you", or in a situation where you say "Hello", and then pause and add "To both of you": "Hello, both of you."


Indeed, I've said that bazillions of times, throughout my life. xD In retrospect, it seems like a clumsy, but it gets the job done. I feel more comfy saying "you two" as opposed to something like "both of you".


"hallo ihr beide" should be right?

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